I Kinda Wish It Snowed This Winter…

So tonight, we’re sitting home watchin the old “boob tube…Fantastic 4:Rise of the Silver Surfer), which by the way was two thumbs up in my opinion… this is our third time seeing it.

But I was thinking abouT this winter, that just passed… IT NEVER SNOWED!! And I kinda wish it did snow, because one thing that Mr. Love and I have had the experience of doing is going sledding, and sitting home, wrapped up and drinking my tea (of course) looking out the window early morning before the plows blow through the streets, and as much as I truly do HATE the snow… It also has this magical purity to it, that simply goes without questioning.

~ Lazarus~

In turn, it leads me to this record, which really started my backflash in the first place. Some of you might not be completely interested in this piece, but here goes nothing. Lazarus, S/T (and only as far as I know) 1970 on Amazon. I actually scored this find at the flea market the other day from the same guy who I scored the first White Witch record from. This record is kinda fun for me, why you ask?… … WELLLL it’s kinda like a rash, all over the place, lolololol… it can be bluezy, jazzy, psychadelia, rocky… but essentially it reminds me of winter and sitting in a toasty house, spinning records… sitting with Mr. Love. I am just rambling on now… so enjoy the elevation of this musical road trip… I know I can’t stop “getting in the car”….

Have a listen, I think you might find fond of winter after this too!!!!!

Stay With Me
Message to The People


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