Quick Flip The Tape…flip it!!

~The Loves~

Right now I am actually kind of working today BUT, I have to say that I kinda like working alone for the majority of the day now… Why? You ask… well basically, I get to come and go as I please and I get to play MY music, when ever and as loud as I want (within in moderation respectively), since you can’t bring vinyl to work with ya, I have been just bringing an abundance of tapes to work with me… and listening to rock N roll, and getting paid to do so, now if THAT’S not hard core… …

Since I am in heartfelt mood, I think I will let you in on a little love story.

It takes place about seven years ago, when I was totally conned into a bonfire at a boy’s house (Rich Angeleri) as my friend, who ironically enough I had just met 2 weeks prior… but she wanted me to actually shack up with Richie, and as we enter his gate, music playing, bonfire going… OUT pops Richie… being all crazy and making crazy sounds… and I was thinking to myself (You have GOT to be kidding right?) and we are all sitting there drinking having a good time when…

… IN comes this MAN wearing denim over leather (VERY METAL), his hair was long, and he was BY FAR the most BEAUTIFUL man I had EVER laid eyes on, as in my head was playing, Marvin Gaye – “Let’s Get It On” as his entire stride was in SLOWWWWWW motion… and THEN the record totally scratched when this totally cute blonde chick waltzes in RIGHT behind him, kind of a downer at this point.

So the night goes on, everyone is just having a blast and everyone is sitting round the fire and to the left of me was Larry (the MAN) and to the left of him was this other chick he walked in with. After talking all night about love, relationships, music, records, beer and METAL, hours later, my beer muscles STRONG, I some how got the nerve to ask the QUESTION! And out comes outta my mouth..

“So how long have you two been together (seeing how they were sitting next to each other all night) ?”

Larry looks me DEAD in the eyes with this TOTALLY great look and chuckles as he says “Her?…. OHHHHHHH no no no no, she likes Richie, I am totally single!” Needless to say, the needle (Marvin Gaye) picked up RIGHT where it left off!!!!!!

Many beers, songs, records, disagreements, roadtrips, cruises, seasons, laughs, girlly mags, shows and 7 years later… I still can’t get enough of Mr. Larry Love… not matter what… my favorite part is STILL going to bed every night with the person I love’s arms around me!

We got married in May of 2006… after 5 years of dating and 6-7 month engagement… we had a pretty traditional wedding… but also pretty metal too! The funniest thing about are wedding reception was that my folks were like “NO HEAVY METAL… you have to think of the guest and the family too”… and TOTALLY went against their wishes…lolololol… playing mostly rock N roll and metal, with some old 50’s doo-whop, some Etta James, some Jerry Reed, some Jennings, etc. But the funny thing about it was that EVERYONE was telling us how it was one of the MOST FUN receptions they had ever been to… So much for NO METAL… most of been the oldies that won them over…lolololololol…




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