Home Grown Girl

~White Witch~

Flea markets have always been an exciting and joyfull weekend past time for my husband and I, every saturday and sunday we’re up at the crack of dawn gathering together our scrambled sleepy heads to get out to the flea market to find some great scores before our friends Bungo and Southard. Most mornings they beat us to the punch either at Rt. 70 flea market or at Collingswood flea market… and I get to hear the GREAT SCORES they got… mean while on the inside my ass is TOTALLY on fire!

So this past Sunday (May 11th) we hurtle gurtle to get out of the house earlier then normal to beat the mother’s day crowd to see what we could find.

Needless to say, while getting the HAIRY eyeball for being a bin ahead (from the charming Mr. Love, a new vendors table no less, I stumbled across some REALLY totally AWESOME scores… one of which was the first “White Witch” record!! When I was flipping through the box of records… this guy just kept talking and talking about KISS to us… and in my head all I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher “wha wha whawhahwhawha…. wha whaaaa”, all I wanted was some peace and quiet while I was focusing on flippin!!!! I came across the White Witch I nearly pooped in my pants… I might have even let out a little gas…lolololol…

This record has been a quest of mine for a long time… but I had a few tracks on tape that I had taped from a manual recorder from my friends’ moms turntable from previous years, of hanging with the wrong friends!

But here a quick little insight, but I have to make it fast cause I have to start getting my sexy on, for our 2nd Anniversary date!!!!!!!!!!!

Released in 1972 on Capricorn, this self titled album, their first, was a complete rockin, goofy psych album that reads kinda like a book for me.  The crazy, yet phenominal vocals of Ronn Goedert, rippin guitar leads of Buddy Richardson, and the silly (make your butt wiggle fun) fluttering keyboard, this album is great too trip out to whether your tripped out, fan of good msuic  or just high on life itself !!! The records has tons of ups and downs, perfect for 1972… and perfect for 2008!!!! Enjoy the tracks below…. and “a hui hou”… time to get FANCY looking!!!!!!


It’s so nice to be stoned

The Gift



3 Responses to “Home Grown Girl”

  1. Awesome Score, Good Record

  2. Jake Thee Pope Says:

    I like what I’m reading here– totally unpretentious, gen-yew-wine love for thee tuneage. I actually put this little gem up months ago; good to see I’m not the only one who appreciates their bizarro blend of hippie mysticism and um… whateverthefuck.

    Keep ’em comin’!

  3. I know… 🙂

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