Rocka Rolla Woman

Well it’s like 1:45pm, I am at work and I have had about five 20oz cups of black tea… and I feel TOTALLY rammy and jittery, my heart is beating like 1000 miles a minute and I just feel GREAT all together since I SOME HOW managed to repair my computer again, and I was just outside and I think all it does is rain in NJ anymore… not really, but it sure feels like it… guess it doesn’t matter too much anyway cause I am stuck in here.

I want to turn you on to Priest… maybe not the Judas Priest you might know; I am talking about 1974 Judas Priest, preleather days… I am talking long hair, bell bottom pants, totally flashy, outfits more rock N roll then metal, but DEFINITELY a ripping prequel for things to come.

~ Judas Priest~

Now… as far back as I can remember I have ALWAYS loved Priest from rock N roll to his evolution into heavy metal… there was ALWAYS something very powerful in Rob Halfords lyrics and ability to stagger his vocal range. This record was their first full length record released in 1974 and was release something like three times, first on Gull with the soda pop top, then again with the soda pop top but on Visa, 1981 was re-released with a different cover with this weird guy holding bombs with wings that look like steaks to me!…hehehehe

My girlfriend wrote a little on JP in a prior blog of hers… and you know I will NEVER forget the one day we were talking and I was on my way home from work and she had asked… “What do you think of Judas Priest, EARLY Judas Priest” and I think if my memory serves me right I think she may have asked what my favorite JP album was… and STILL to this VERY day the answer is the same… I love EVERYTHING the band has ever put out… that’s why that following X-mas I HAD to buy Rocka Rolla (and Sin after Sin) for her… because I really thought she needed to be switched on to a different side of Priest that some people just skip right over! Essentially, I think that Rocka Rolla, Sad Wings of Destiny and Sin after Sin might have been more rocky then metal were just a beautifully orchestrated arrangement…making their metal movement that much more powerful and original!

Well since I do have to work today… here are a few tracks of Rocka Rolla…… ENJOY!

Rocka Rolla
Never Satisfied


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