Going Nowhere…Sitting in a Dream

~Dedicated to my mom~
– To a woman who knows no limits but contains her boundries, a woman who knew how to say EVERYTHING I needed to hear without saying very much at all, a person, my bestfriend, THANK YOU for everything that you are and all that you’ve done!-

Today, mother’s day, I give you something that my mother ACTUALLY never gave to me, BUT I give this to her because everytime I listen to this record I think of her, because I remember nights that my mom would read me fairy tales and childrens books until I would fall asleep…. basically without going into a huge story, she is BY FAR the BEST mother I could have ever asked for!

~The Butterfly Ball~

This fancy piece that I give you today is a a beautiful, heart warming rock/psych experiment put together and orchestrated by the imfamous Roger Glover with some of his personal friends, Glen Huges, Ian Gillian, Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, Twiggy and John Lord!

 To make a LONG story short…The Butterfly Ball actually originated as a children book written by William Roscoe in 1806 and was rewritten for modern times in 1973 by William Plomer. Shortly after that the book inspired a colorfully illustrated studio recording (featuring the guest above) all in effort to help benefit the Bud Flanagan’s Leukemia Fund and the Action Research for crippled kids. Needless to say, Roger Glover decided to organize this shortly after he left Deep Purple. After releasing the studio project… a short bit later went on to produce a live, almost as a musical version (which we just bought and watch and is also available on DVD now) kinda of play out of it!

The entire thing is VERY Beatle-esk, and TOTALLY tripped out, but “feel good” great, non the less.

When your backs to the wall, and you’re starting to fall, you’ve got something to lean on….  Love is everything, it will make you sing….Love is free, Love is all… at the Butterfly Ball

 Here is one of my FAVORITE songs of this record… but I HIGHLY recommend you listen to the whole record!

Love is All

Entire “The Butterfly Ball


One Response to “Going Nowhere…Sitting in a Dream”

  1. OK so I took the time this AM to listen, I like it! Its as you said very Beatles like

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