Speak Of The Devil

It’s Tuesday; I’m really supposed to be working at this lack-luster and oppressive day. Since there seems to be an on-going lull in the office since my pathologists have switched to a new dictation system which really givse me not so much transcribing to do. I figured I would tell you a little about how Heavy Metal has influenced our ALREADY corrupt political morals and values of our nations seemingly distorted opinion of unfortunate events!

All too common we as human beings, almost as if reverting back to our animal instincts – We try everything in our power just avoid a sticky situation. This HAS NEVER changed and WILL NEVER change. This is how our political economical “assembly line” justifies any kind of pre-justices whether it’s skin color, religious beliefs, how you live, where you live, fat, skinny, tall, short and even the music we listen to… ANY kind of indifferences to covet someone else. All in effort to distort our vision from the REAL political issues.

Now see in my deepest opinion, last time I checked this country, we were supposed to be the land of the FREE and the BRAVE… the land where freedom of “speech”, wasn’t just a Declaration of Independence, but also kind of a commandment! Now, as the ages fly by us and rules are dumped out the proverbial window. We seek new ways of dancing around situations, there is one thing that never leaves us, is forever evolving, but also everlasting, and that is music, which really is a language in it’s own right… something that everyone, when put together, can relate to!

What I never seemed to understand, is that SINCE music IS seen to be a form international language for most everyone, why is it that music, the most powerful symbol of communicating is forever taking the wrap for things gone wrong in life?????

Well, I could really spend a good amount of time sending you back to early 20’s blue grass, front porch pickin, where they sung and spoke of the our nation oppressions and work forward in time, but I promised one thing, HEAVY METAL baby, so that’s what I really want to focus on, because in my opinion, it is BY FAR the most crucified and misunderstood genre!

Heavy metal since I started listening to it and YEARS before my time, was really torn down and discriminated against by just the mere nature of the music it’s self. It’s low demonic tones, loud yet critical amplified sounds, dark evil look, long hair, painted nails, black clothing, IMPECCABLE lyrics and the ability to shed light on subjects and topics that were really considered “bogus” and “unmentionable” before, like faith, the church, God, politicians, satan, drugs, sex, drinking, etc…. All of which were totally neglected topics, but were they really the deeper end of the pool, so to speak. Before I go on to say anything ELSE… I have to give you a quote, not just A quote… but something that I can say that has more depth and currency then any moral value I can think of!

“I always consider my audience to be alot brighter then most people think, I gave them songs that I thought have alot more fiber than most songs they’d heard, and I think they were smart enough to realize that” ~~ Ronnie James Dio

And before I get a little crazy talking about certain and/or particular occurrences where Heavy Metal music was to sole suspect… provoking, mentally criminalistic sociopaths into these fleeting distortions of unheard of proportions with these cruel and unusual tirades… I really just want to just give you a GLIMMER of the occurrences (when I write about some of these particular bands… I will give you their victim story…ok…OK)

Heavy metal music was victimized from late 60’s to early 70’s, back in the days when they would actually have anti-metal, anti-Satanism “Christian” groups that would have bonfires where they would BURN (yes you heard right my friends, BURN) these records. Metal groups all too many times through the decades, have been accused and scrutinized time and time again, always the scapegoat for ANY moral wrong doings. Continuing down this path of confusion and questionable blame, metal groups and little punk rockers alike were sneered and torn apart by not only the general public, but were sort after to be the MAIN concern with (already PREexsisting) issues such as; Satanism, Church/bible burning, stealing, drug abusing, even serial killing/murders (like the AC/DC-“Night Prowler” got the blame for the Rich Ramirez murder trials), excessive drinking, suicide (Ozzy had to appear in court in 1988, when a young man killed himself…as FBI discovered the body…”Suicide Solutions” was spinning on the turntable…lololol), rape, subliminal messaging … the list really goes on and on.

Time had taken it’s toll for the genre but metal never put it’s head down, never ran away with it’s tail between it’s legs, and just as like a horse of war, metal has risen from the ground… and now stands on an empire of respect, not only FROM the general public… but ironically enough.. the CHURCH as well, as we see the numbers of Christian metal bands surfacing continually spreading the word of God… But Still CRUNCHING out some “evil” guitar riffs and some…well demonic sounding vocals…. I guess that really goes to prove that you CAN’T judge a BOOK by it’s cover!!!!

Hope to be having my computer and turntable up and runnin’ real soon!!!!!!


One Response to “Speak Of The Devil”

  1. Dustin M Says:

    Everytime I look back into the past I always laugh at that. I love how you noted that metal is now relevent in our churches

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