Ace in the hole…

~The Rods~

Alright, So I was on the phone this morning with my totally ROCKIN buddy BUNGO, while laying in the tub… and I had expressed that I had wanted to write a blog about The Rods, so of course I couldn’t shake the urge!

What do I know, What do I know…. Well let’s see,  the trio (David Feinstein-git and lead vocs, Carl Canedy-drums and vocs, Garry Bordonaro-Bass and vocs) were really just american middle class working boys, just trying to put out an honest heavy sound.  And I think thats what I really love about them the most…

…they put their first tenative full track LP (The Rods-S/T on Arista) out in 1981, and see you have to remember that, that was the time when thash, punk, new wave and doom metal were just totally, and not just TOTALLY spreading over our nation… but it was the first time EVER that music was sooooooo fast and furious, that it was kinda a bit of a job to compete with it. And The Rods really brought back some later old school rock N roll, kinda makes me think of like Deep Purple (Stormbringer 1974) and EARLY (the GOOD) White Snake (Snakebite ’78, Trouble ’78)! They put out a few records before calling it quits (in I BELEIVE, ’86 or ’87 they said goodbye) that I thought were pretty dang awsome, which were “Wilds Dogs” in 1982, “In the Raw “in 1983, and WHO CAN forget the controversal cover for 1984’s “Let them Eat Metal“with a pretty much naked girl possing erotically with a METAL vibrator encased in a banana peel (hense the album name) released on Combat records.

(Now a days, this kinda thing is pretty much exceptable….. but in 1984…NOT SO MUCH!)

P.S. this is actually NOT my picture… my label is green…. BUT my batteries are dead in my camera..STUPID DIGITAL…. but I don’t know what labele this particular one is on…but mine is on Combat….

Well before I end this piece with some songs off their first S/T LP …. I figured that since I am in a sharing kinda mood, I will share a fun little fact with you… well actually a couple fun facts and they are…

That David Feinstein not only played git for one of my favorite bands…..ELF, but he also happens to be one of my most FAVORITE voices of all times, Ronnie James Dio’s COUSIN!!!!!… how’s that for Ramen noodles! And also, the drummer Carl Canedy actually went on to being a producer after leaving, going to on to help produce and support bands like Anthrax and Overkill (WHICH I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Enjoy the tracks below…. KEEP ROCKIN!

The Rods-Music Man

The Rods-Hungry for Some Love

The Rods-Rock Hard



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