Deer feet… Maybe?

~Cloven Hoof~

Well alright! I have been waiting to write this blog pretty much all day! And I love the Hoof because they actually always make me think of old Witchfynde, which who reminds me of Diamond Head. And that’s what I love about these old NWOBHM bands…. I think the Brits got it right before we even did… they had a different kinda of lyrical freedom….I could go on about british heavy metal!

So for those of you who have never been introduced to Cloven Hoof… well get in… we’re gonna take a ride… and I’ll buy the gas!

 The band actually formed in 1979, (David Potter-vocs,Lee Payne-bass, Kevin Poutney-drums,Steve Rounds-git) but didn’t acually formally release anything until 1982, which was only a 4 track EP, The Opening Ritual on Elemental records (Which I would totally, TOTALLY love to own!), and two years later, after making small town tours, not forseeing any promising future, they released their second (but their first full track LP) album, their Self Titled 1984 (Cloven Hoof on Neat records), which is the only Cloven Hoof record I own, and have NEVER seen it anywhere, or any Hoof record for that matter, ANYWHERE else, THANK GOD for estate sales!

By the time they released their second, it was only a short while, and singer David Potter left the band, to be replaced by Rob Kendrick to only release ONE live record (Fighting Back) in 1986….. but that too was short lived and the band totally split by 1987.

Well actually if you want to get technical, Lee Payne (the only original member) tried rebuilding the band, and kinda did, putting out a few other records afterwards, but I can’t really say much for the sound, because I for one, have yet to hear anything other then their S/T and live album, But I think that you’ll find that the sound was definitely unrderated, and REALLY had strong potential…. But I guess not everone can live a dream in someone elses hands!

Rock ON!

Cloven Hoof- Cloven Hoof

Cloven Hoof-March of the Damned

Cloven Hoof-The Gates of Gehenna

Cloven Hoof-Return of the Passover



One Response to “Deer feet… Maybe?”

  1. Hey SandyLove – great blog and thanks for the comment! Plus, any Jersey girl and friend of JJB is a friend of mine. \m/

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