Again with the salty!!!!

I have to say that this weather, in Jersey is the craziest weather ever!, Saturday was supposed to rain pretty hard…. and ended up being a REALLY beautiful day… I think it reached about 75, and yesterday it was an all-around crappy day (What a nice job those weather men have….they get paid to GUESS)!

I was initially going to write about a TOTALLY rippin’ group, Cloven Hoof (one of my favorite under rated early 80’s british metal bands) , but that’s going to have to wait for another day this week, because this grey, calming sky I have to stare at again today, is making me in the mood for some Wishbone Ash…. SO, that’s what your going to get!

~Wishbone Ash~

Let’s go back to 1970, their first, and I think, their hungriest album (Self Titled 1970 on MCA). This record was always a good listen on a rainy day, I not so sure why, but it just seemed to flow right with the mood of a misty grey sky.


And before I get going off to work on this day, Let me just tell you really fast that although these guys (Ted Turner, Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Steve Upton) didn’t reach the “rock N roll” popularity of some other bands (I don’t think I really have to mention them…. IT WAS 1970…), because they weren’t so much just rock N roll, they were a little folky, sometimes a little heavy, and other times classically rocky… I don’t really know what to make of them, they are kinda like a coaster ride…. But I enjoy them….

On the other hand, I do have a fun fact for you.

Fun Fact:  Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow…) actually helped seal a deal with MCA record producer Derek Lawrence, after jamming with the guys! Wishbone actually stayed with MCA until mid 1976, then signing to Atlantic on Locked IN (a NOT so favorite album)….BUT then return again to MCA that same year, and remained on MCA until about 1980,1981…..

Pretty crazy right…. I know everytime I look at their records…. I think of Ritchie!

Ok it’s off to work I go…. enjoy these picks… on yet ANOTHER dirty jersey day!… see you later!

Wishbone Ash-Queen of Torture
Wishbone Ash-Error of my Ways
Wishbone Ash-Lady Whiskey


5 Responses to “Again with the salty!!!!”

  1. my copy one side in unplayable
    I was so pleased when I found it, didnt even look @ it till I got it home

  2. I can’t even say how many times I have done that… and ow many times I got totally stoked over something…AND another record was inside!

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  5. […] decided since that last time it was salty out I wrote a post about Wishbone Ash, I figured..hey, let us let the cycle continue this afternoon with a few songs off their 1972 […]

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