What a salty morning!?!

The weather this morning, was one of those rain storms where your not sure if it’s gonna clear up later or if it’s just the “calm” before the storm…. I don’t know, it’s the craziest thing! And it kinda got me thinking about the summer time and all it’s endeavors… … driving down the road, with your windows completely open (and your hair blowing all in your face), BLASTING some major rock n roll!


So that being said, I will turn you onto MY personal favorite Girlschool record Hit and Run (1981 on Bronze), which was their second LP released, and their first was Demolition (1980 on Bronze).

Rising up in a predominantly male world of heavy metal/rock N roll…. originally named Painted Lady (But permanently became Girlschool in 78)…. This female NWOBHM group (the late Kelly Johnson-git/voc, Kim McAuliffe-git/vocs, Enid Williams-bass, Denise Dufort-drums) plowed through, and even caught the attenion of Motorhead, Angelwitch, Tank…., which the funny thing about that is, that today I actually stumbled across a flyer OF Girlschools’ that actually had Tank and Angelwitch on the bill, playing with Girlschool on Oct 7, 1980 (I was still in my mother’s belly!)…. I wish I could have seen that for myself….like my buddy Bungo said “Could you imagion what people were wearing!”…. OH GOD!, Thank God fashion is constently evolving!


But in any case, I like to think that Girlschool really gave a HEAVY stamp for girls…. they let it be UNDERSTOOD, that you didn’t have to have a penis, to “rock out with your cock out”, that you could be a lady one minute, and THROW down like a guy the next…. which I really think was an important “notch in the headboard” of our musical history, and really paved the road for band like The Runaways (who ended up passing Girlshcool), Catholic Girls, Electrocutes (pre-Donnas) and of course The Donnas, Thrash Queen and Leather Angel!

 Line-up changes were bound to happen eventually…. and they did, Kelly Johnson being the first to go, right before releasing their forth album in 83 (Playing Dirty on Bronze). A few records were released after her departure (which were on the “alright scale” for me) before Kim McAuliffe would quit the band….

Girlschool continued to produce records…. But I think after Johnson and McAuliffe left, they kinda let the fire the band once was known for go out…. soooooooooooo, here I give you a few tracks…. that totally RIP, and stand for the TRUE Girlscool, that I love!

Girlschool-C’mon let’s go

Girlschool-The Hunter

Girlschool-(I’m Your) Victim

Girlschool-Watch Your Step


3 Responses to “What a salty morning!?!”

  1. The 80s were A scarey time for both clothin and Music
    Great Post Sandy

  2. man i am old….

    good record for a bunch of girls……

  3. […] Since I am a complete fan of chicks that can throw down like Lita Ford, Lee Aaron, Girlschool, Bitch…ect…I think I am going to give you an attempt at a totally ripping metal chick band, […]

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