Do you close your eyes, when your making love!!


Where to start with Rainbow, All I can say is that, in all honesty, I truly have no favorite Rainbow record, BUT I do indeed have a favorite era,… and anyone who knows me…. knows I where I am going with that comment. For those of you who are new to the likes of Sandylove, I have an undying devotion to one of the most powerful voices in metal and rock N roll. He goes by the name of RONNIE JAMES DIO, well he will be a WHOLE other story, and that’s a promise!

Getting back to Rainbow…

Rainbow was actually formed by Ritchie Blackmore, after years of playing for Deep Purple (Lead git, 1968-1974) and watching a transition take place that he didn’t want to conform to, and always impressed by their fellow supporting band, Elf‘s singer, Ronnie James Dio

Ritchie Blackmore would announce his departure from Deep Purple in 74.

When Rainbow was officially formed (1975), it was actually, more or less a thread off of Elf.The first Rainbow album (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow,1975 on Polydor) was nothing more then Elf (Ronnie James Dio-bass and vocs, Gary Driscoll-drums, Mickey Lee Soule-keys, David Feinstein-gits), except for Elf’s lead guitar player (David Feinstein), which whom Ritchie replaced, along with bringing in bass player Graig Gruber. After replacing Feinstein, Ritchie ALSO replaced the name of the band with Rainbow, based on a restaurant (The Rainbow Bar & Grill).

After their release of their first album, and touring around, Blackmore once again felt the need for a little change, and fired everyone in the band, outside of Ronnie (Lololol…kinda funny when you think of it, because technicially it was Ronnie’s band… where was his say???) and hired (the late) Cozy Powell -drums, (the infamous) Jimmy Bain-bass, and Tony Carey-keys. This line up would last for a LITTLE while, well at least long enough to release their second album (Rising, 1976 on Oyster) before Blackmore would deside to do it again!

In early 1977,  although with their popularity exploding worldwide, Blackmore’s need to shuffle through replacements again would stumple across their doorsteps, replacing Jimmy Bain for the well known bassist Bob Daisley and also Tony Carey, with David Stone-keys.

Are you following all this drama yet?…. any ways!

Following the line up change in early 77, the five guys went on the record their third album (Long Live Rock N Roll, 1978 on Polydor/Oyster) and toured steadily for a year and a half. Upon the trek home, Blackmore made mention to spin free of the medieval persona they were delivering, wanting to go in a different direction musically (AGAIN change…maybe not members, but now the sound!). Ronnie James did not feel the need for that particular change and left the band at the end of 1978 (as did Daisley and Stone too), to go on do bigger and better things! (again THAT’S another story).

Although I never really got to deep into Rainbow after Dio left, they DID suffer a barrage of line up changes consistently from 79-1995,  were never really able to give the ol’ “one,two scadoo” back to the fans, which I think had everything to do with Dio’s incredible vocal ability… *just an opinion*.

Here are a few picks off their first three records…. hope you enjoy them!

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Self Portait

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

Rising – Run with the Wolf

Rising – Tarot Women

Long Live Rock N Roll – L.A. Connection

Long Live Rock N Roll – Kill the King


2 Responses to “Do you close your eyes, when your making love!!”

  1. long live rock and roll, how bout long live RJD!

  2. […] any case, later 1979 the guys were introduced to Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio to replace Ozzy position as front man. A familiar man to them, it was an […]

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