This summer I swam in a public place…

~Loudon Wainwright~

 I was introduced to Loudon a few years back, by my dearest of friends, Jen Bungo aka JJB, when I was on her myspace page, in the blog section, and I heard this REALLY fancy folky song playing, that I had to ask, because I had never heard ANYTHING quite like it before….. And that’s when should told me who it was and that following Christmas she had bought me the album (Attempted Mustache) from which that particular song was from… And it is still perfect from start to finish, every time!

Well, Louden Wainwright was raised in Westchester, NY, which my mother and I have to drive through every year when we go to Buffalo, NY (HATE the drive, but love the scenery), and inspired by Bob Dylan, started his singing/songwriting in the late 60’s, and release his first album in 1970 (Self Title on Atlanic), followed by his second and third albums, simply named “Album ll, and Album lll” (Album lll on Columbia, which I also own, was commonly known for the 1972 hit “Dead Skunk” which I love because it’s such an ironically colorful song based on the demise of a stinky skunk in the middle of the road). He released “Attempted Mustache” in 1973 on Columbia, which even though I LOVE the third album, I suppose that the sentimental value of “Attempted Mustache” makes it better then it already is.

On top of releasing a number of records from 1970, and is still releasing records presently, Loudon also played some small end roll in films like “40 year old Virgin” (as the priest), “Knocked Up” (as Dr. Howard…I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE!), and also a few TV programs, one of which is STILL my favorite, “Grounded for Life”, also “M*A*S*H” and even the LAME- “Ally McBeal”.

Here are a few track below, and I hope you enjoy his crazy, fundamental lyrics and music as much as I do!

Loudon Wainwright lll – The Swimming Song

Loudon Wainwright lll – A.M. World

Loudon Wainwright lll – Clockwork Chartreuse


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