You can take your drugs baby…Don’t inject’em in me

I was on my way to work yesterday morning listening to my pod, which I might mention, that I am so much more in love with since we got our vinyl recorder about 2 years ago, makes listening to what I WANT to listen to so much better!!!!

But anyway, I was driving to work, listening to Frijid Pink. And the funny thing about it is that I actually bought the record years back (and again in a NYC record convention, because mine was tattered), and I gave it a complete start to finish listen, and found myself saying out loud “OH yeah I remember this song, that song …” from being a super young girl, while my parents (who used to always have something original playing, AND always rock n roll) would be cleaning the house, singing the lyrics to the all too familiar “House of the Rising Sun”, and so I put the record away and pulled it out here and there. So I pulled it out again months back, and uploaded it into my computer with my fancy turntable, and just simply reminded myself of the heaviness, of these guys…. Not to mention that they are always a good listen when your in the car!

~Frijid Pink~

All right well, this bands story starts in 1967 (Kelly Green– vocs, Gary Thompson – git, Rich Stevers – drums, Larry Zelanka – keyboard, Tom Harris– bass) in (Detroit) Michigan progressively playing local shows around their state for a couple years before they released their first album.

Along with signing to Parrot records in 1969, they also felt the need to replace their bassist (Tom Harris) for Tom Beaudry (who would be the bassist we all know). A few months after this, having no real previous luck with single hits, decided to put their brains together and finish up, and make an album, even though before they actually finished it, their single “house of the rising sun”(also done by artist, Clarence Tom Ashley, Nina Simmone, The Animals…) had became a big hit NOT ONLY here in the states, but overseas as well.

They released their first album in 1970, which was their self titled album, on Parrot, and is undeniably a stamp in creativity, and my favorite, and just goes to prove that even bands of “yesterday”, so still SO relevant today! Quickly following that record, a few months later came “Defrosted” ALSO on Parrot, but not as successful as the first…. but we always remember our “first” don’t we!

Moving right along, into the third album (Earth Omen) which was release in 1972 on Lion… which would actually put them into a downward spiral of events, and addictions into not releasing their fourth and FINAL album for three years, ( All in Pink, 1975 on Fantasy) as the band would stop faking this “love affair” and break-up for good in 1976.


Frijid Pink – Cryin’ Shame
Frijid Pink – Drivin’ Blues
Frijid Pink – I’m on my way
Frijid Pink – I want to be your lover


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