Bet Your Life on a Silver Ball…..


If you haven’t noticed yet…. I guess I should forewarn you now, that I love rambling on about things… and this group, is going to be NOOO different, merely because RIOT really does rule!!!

Also there is SOOOOOOOO much to say in lew of Riot’s success, not to mention that collectively,( in my opinion) I think they could very well place claim to the cult rock in the US, releasing records from 1977 to 2006. Not to mention that ironically enough….  thru the sweet-a*s guitar leads, and powerful vocals…  they used this fuzzy, friendly, cute looking baby seals face, really almost mas-coting (if you must) on many of their albums…. Kinda gay… but it was a totally unforgetable trademark.

My personal favorite… is their 3rd  album “Fire Down Under” released in 1981 on Elecktra. Well, before I give you a taste of some AWESOMENESS!!!!!, let me give you a briefing on the band.

A NY based band, formed in 1975 by former “People” guitarist, Mark Reale – git, along with Guy Speranza – vocals, Phil Fiet – Bass (who was replaced by Jimmy Iommi before the release of their first album in 1977), Peter Bitelli– drums, and a VERY short lived keyboardist, Steve Costello, who was quickly replaced for a second guitarist, Louie aka L.A. Kouvaris.

They released their first full length, 9 track album in 1977, “Rock City” on Ariola (originally issued in Japan). A totally awesome record, and nothing less then a masterpiece, with songs like “Desperation”, “Rock City” and “Warrior”.

After a year and a half hiatus, the boys came back, in 1979, releasing their 2nd album “Narita” on Capitol records, and replacing one their guitarist ( L.A. Kouvaris), for their roadie and friend, Rick Ventura. In between records and playing shows with Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest and Scorpions….and also came time for YET ANOTHER line up change, replacing bassist Jimmy Iommi for a dude that would hang for some time, Kip Lemming, and also their drummer Peter Bitelli for a close buddy and former “REX” player, Sandy Slavin. Now finally feeling totally in tune and musically complete…. they released their 3rd album “Fire Down Under”, A CULT CLASSIC, and definitely their career peak.

Unfortunatly after, the release of “Fire Down Under”, singer Guy Speranza left the band, replaced by Rhett Forrester (and the nonstop struggle for a magical lyricist would be all for not), who tried to live up to the fame of Speranza’s voice. Although Riot would release several albums between 1982 and 2002…. they were never able to fully recover from the loss.

Enjoy the tunes below from “Fire Down Under”!!!!!

Riot – Outlaw

Riot – Fire Down Under

Riot – Run For Your Life


2 Responses to “Bet Your Life on a Silver Ball…..”

  1. were weren’t even born yet when i was buying this record!

  2. hhehehe… OK NOW! your dating yourself…. it’s a ripper!!

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