Look out for me…Come have some mushroom tea

I was looking outside… and it I have to say that since it is so “doom and gloom” out… I figured that I would talk about a little doom metal….

My husband (Larry Love) actually stumbled across them as a young boy, back in the early 80’s…. he actually introduced these guys to me a few months back, I was looking for a creepy-eepy sound and I totally LOVE the sound… When he first introduced me to them, I found myself listening to them on my way to and from work, pretty much everyday for like a week and a half…. nonstop WFG….. pretty addictive, I think…

~Witchfinder General~

A NWOBHM band formed in 1979, and retreived the band’s name from an old classic horror flick (The Witchfinder General) in 1968 (I have never personally seen it).

Driving thru a heavy influence of the orginal doom metal artists themselves Black Sabbath, WFG (**Original line up** Zeeb Parkes – vocs, Phil Cope – git, Kevin “Toss”  McCready – bass, who was later replace by Phil Cope to play both bass and git come 1982, Steve Kinsell aka Kid Rimple – Drums) wanted this almost pretentious meaning with their music…. and I guess you could say that they did, with their mean doomy sound and their two controversially erotic, semi-silly covers to their only two full length LP’s (Death Penalty ,1982 and Friends of hell, 1983, which both on the Heavy Metal Records label) due to the comical costumes and the graphic nature of waste-up nudity and the figuratively assumed violence.

WFG had a few EP’s (Burning the Sinner, 1981 and Soviet Invasion, 1982, again on HMR) before releasing their full length records, and a few comps afterwards from 83 to about 05.

Soooo now it’s time for some metal, which leaves me off saying that “Death Penalty” is my favorite of the two full length’s, 1982 on Heavy Metal Records… A pretty creepy, doomy sound….with some totally twisted lyrics, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do……

Witchfinder General – Free Country

Witchfinder General – Burning a Sinner

Witchfinder General -Death Penalty


5 Responses to “Look out for me…Come have some mushroom tea”

  1. the page looks fancy Sand, I love the witchfinder

  2. I know… I love them too…pretty divinitive

  3. you were still in diapers when i both this album in 1982!

  4. “bought”….


  5. I know…it’s crazy… I really was too!!!! only one year old….lolololol…. hope you enjoy my blogs Mr. Southard

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