Gotta Keep Movin’….

OOoK… I just have to say that this is my second blog…. And it EXCITES me.

Carrying on… 9:41pm….

Today…Well tonight actually, I am going to let you in on something… that I think is so revolutionary, not only to rock alone, but music too. As we will be touching on this subject again, I am gonna make this brief (cause I am DAMN TIRED), but I promise some killer rock for your ears!!!….


 I love the MC5, they were loud, fast, hungry and …. some even say they were angry!… But me personally, I think they were five young men trying to say “FUCK YOU…listen to us, we HAVE something to tell you!!!!!!!” (the late Rob Tyner– lead vocs, Fred Smith – git, Wayne Kramer – git, Mike Davis – bass, Dennis Thompson– drums) and I think they really believed whole heartedly that they would change the world with their ROCK…. But I will let you be the judge of that…

Releasing their first, which was a live album “Kick out the Jams” on Elektra, which was actually recorded in 1968 (but not released until 69)… at some political convention in Illinois… mixing up some kind of madness and lots of controversy because actually, the title track (“kick out the jams, motherfuckers”)originally was “too profane” for the era… and forced the band to release it ONCE again without the profanities (leaving two versions of the song) … as “kick out the jams, brothers and sisters”… which I might mention… the guys were totally against… but it was 1969.…SOOOOOOO… I suppose they really had no choice in the matter.

MC5 released three records from 1969 – 1971,(Kick Out the Jams, Back in the USA and High Time) before the death of Rob Tyner (lead vocals) in 1991.

So now I present you with a few rockers from their 3rd album, “High Time” 1971, on Atlantic… I actually just got this album for my husband for Christmas this year and it is totally perfect in my opinion, plenty of ups and downs for you to move around to…. It has a good sense of directly speaking to the listener, in an indirect provocative manor… …dig in!

MC5 – Poison
MC5 – Gotta Keep Movin’
MC5 – Over and Over


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