An Old Friend, But a New Find…..


I will be presenting you with a couple songs from their second album, “Hard Attack”,(my personal favorite and our newest find as per The Lanes in Asbury Park NJ), 1972 on Karma Sutra…a rather well noted record (definitely a more intensified and sharper sound then the first). I would love to give you a little insite on this American based band, that had stepped up to the “proverbial plate“…seeing how the early 70’s heavy metal/hard rock was really dominated mostly in the UK.

The band actually formed in 1968, Kenny Aaronson (bass and slide and steel guitars), Marc Bell (Drums, which who by the way FYI later turned to the NYC punk crowd to be known as Marky Ramone, HENSE the name “Ramones”, and also the “Voidoids”) and Ritchie Wise (Guitar and lead vocals).

Dust debuted their first album in 1971, self titled album also on Karma Sutra. Although “Dust” and “Hard Attack” would be the only two albums recorded…. They would forever ETCH in stone and in history for that matter, a little bit of interesting roots in the history of American metal…. Not to mention that if it wasn’t for my husbands knowledge and love of music (my best friend, lover and confidant and record collecting partner), I would have never been so formally introduced to the first record…. Sending me always seeking for more!…

Dust – Pull Away/ so many times
Dust – Suicide


One Response to “An Old Friend, But a New Find…..”

  1. I beg to differ, I think the 1st record is the BEST. the S/T album from start to finish is perfect
    Hard Attack not so much…………

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